Maury was born in Austin, Texas. He fell in love with performing in high school at an event called "Dylan Day", a yearly celebration of the brilliance that is Bob Dylan. He and one of his best friends, also a local musician, Reed Turner, got up in front of a sizable audience to perform "Masters Of War". After the initial reluctance and making it through the song he was hooked on the high of playing soulful, heartfelt, message-based music in front of others. 

He didn't immediately follow his talent though. Young and too realistic for his years he decided this was a dubious choice of profession. So, he headed to college in Fort Worth to get a degree in marketing. But, while there he and a few other college friends started a successful jam/rock band that played local shows for years. Thus, he was hooked once again to the stage. 

After college he set off for San Francisco to front a heavy rock band, Sweet Psychosis. He soon discovered this style did not match his vision or his essence. So, he left to the lands of Los Angeles. While looking around for musical groups to work with he caught the cliche bug that persists in LA, acting. He took classes and did many performances and small projects. After years of this he again switched paths back to his first love, music. Maury is currently compiling tracks and working as a solo singer/songwriter back in Austin, TX.